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Empower Health & Fitness is here to help you 
​reach your fitness and health goals.

Who We Are.

At Empower Health and Fitness we are dedicated and driven to help you achieve your specific personal health and fitness goals. We are able to do this by providing a well rounded program that will consist of the following: strength training, nutrition, cardio, Pilates and an online training app. Effectively utilizing all of these areas will allow you feel in control of your body and have you feeling Empowered!

To make progress towards a specific goal, it is important to have a relationship that is built off of trust and respect. Before jumping into a workout routine we take that time to sit down and talk about your personal goals, formats of exercise that you enjoy/dislike and any injuries or limitations. 

Taking the time to do this ensures that we meet the exact needs and expectations that you have for your fitness program. Combining your dedication and focus on accomplishing your goals, with our professional programming and experience creates a win-win recipe for success.
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Our Areas of Expertise

Empower Health & Fitness is here to help you reach your fitness and health goals.

1:1 Training

Detailed program design that is built around the client's fitness and health goals. Includes strength training and cardio programs to meet the client where they are at  while pushing them to the next level.

Online Training

Optional digital training app is available for clients to use. The training app will allow clients to follow the strength and cardio programs designed by your trainer. Having access to this will provide the guidance of a training session during the days in which you do not meet with your trainer.


Range of motion, mobility and the importance of keeping muscles dynamic and loose. Pilates is a fantastic tool that allows clients to improve the mobility of their muscles. Tight muscles can lead to injuries or cause a roadblock to get your strength to the next level. Sign up for a complimentary Pilates session to be able to experience what Pilates can do for you and your goals.

Nutrition Plan

Understanding the importance and benefits of good nutrition is a key part to achieving any health and fitness goal. Nutrition planning can consist of simply creating a food journal to track current eating habits and time of day a client is eating. All the way to a specific amount of  grams of Protein, Carbs and Fat to have at each meal and when to have meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism at full efficiency.